say a prayer

I say a prayer

with all my heart

for I'm here now

and you're with me

there's a world to take

and there's a world to loose

if I ever got a premonition

if I ever got the clue

I would have given them all to you

it's but an unsatisfactory world, I know

I've seen it and I've cried my heart out like you do

but then I thought:

the sun the rain the star the moon

and the spotty giraffs along with the stripy cats

while they were around

there's a world so fine

won't you just believe it like a dime?

I'm not a poet nor writer

but I would write to the end

to prove them all wrong

and I'm right

for I believe and they don't

a dimple smile should grow into sunlight

and that should be you

live long,

and be with me





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Notes that bring me back to myself

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